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1 Mechanism of the protective effect of α1A-AR antagonist on renal ischemic injury in rats with hepatorenal syndrome
ZHANG Xiao-gang1, HE Jian-yu2, WAN Zhen1, LI Xiang3, CAO Yong-xiao2, Lü Yi1
2009 6 [655-660][Abstract](3578)[pdf 2184KB](113079)
2 Preparation of recombinant adenoviruses of PPARγ and its transcriptional coactivator MED1 and their biological function analysis
BAI Liang1,2,3, LI Qian-wei1,4, ZHAO Si-hai1,3, JIA Yu-zhi2, REDDY Janardan K2, LIU En-qi1,3
2015 3 [294-298][Abstract](3758)[pdf 1761KB](61732)
3 Expressions of MMP2, COX-2, VEGF and MVD in papillary thyroid carcinoma and their clinical significance
JIA Zong-liang1, ZHU Hong-sheng2, CHAI Ming-ming3, JIA Yi-fan3
2015 3 [362-367][Abstract](3595)[pdf 1241KB](41592)
4 Modified procedure for the histochemical demonstration of myosin ATPase
ZHANG Tao1, ZHANG Qian2, HU Xi-jie1, XUE Qian2, CHEN Dai-xiong1
2009 2 [254-256][Abstract](4637)[pdf 910KB](4163)
5 Effects of PULEKANG on the immunological function in patients with HIV/AIDS
2004 6 [608-609/613][Abstract](2840)[pdf 154KB](3710)
6 Biological response of chondrocytes encapsulated in alginate beads
REN Li-ling1, FENG Xue2, MA Dong-yang3, WANG Jian-wei1, CHEN Fu-lin4, DING Yin2
2011 1 [57-61][Abstract](3767)[pdf 2291KB](3602)
7 Advance in research on the relationship between mTOR signaling pathway and tumors
ZHENG Peng-sheng1,2, JI Jing1
2010 1 [1-9][Abstract](5429)[pdf 1760KB](3447)
8 Preparation of metformin hydrochloride pellets
with centrifugal granulation technique

Li Xiaoming , Tao Xiumei , Wang Xiaoli , Liu J icheng
2008 5 [590-594][Abstract](3913)[pdf 704KB](3428)
9 Anti2leukemia effect of resveratrol of Polygonum cuspidatum
exerts and possible molecular mechanism

Li Tan1 , Fan Guixiang2 , Wang Wei3 , Li Tong4 , Yuan Yukang2
2008 3 [340-345][Abstract](3613)[pdf 768KB](3268)
10 Effects of Sanjia Yigan Granule on lipid peroxidation in rats with hepatic fibrosis
Zhang Chaoxian1, Qiao Hanchen2, Yang Daokun2, Qin Yongmei1
2008 6 [710-713][Abstract](5381)[pdf 1300KB](3261)
11 Progression and prospect of etiology and
pathogenesis of Kashin2Beck disease

Guo Xiong
2008 5 [481-488][Abstract](5658)[pdf 490KB](3228)
12 The protective effect of resveratrol on the hepatic injury in rats with severe acute pancreatitis
SHA Huan-chen, MA Qing-yong, JHA Rajiv Kumar, XU Fu-guo, MA Zhen-hua
2009 1 [5-9][Abstract](4583)[pdf 1371KB](3201)
13 Effects of sea buckthorn pulp oil and sea buckthorn seed oil on radiation skin lesions in rats
Wang Yangzheng1,2, Wu Ying1, Heikki Kallio3, Yang Baoru3,
Wang Junxian1, Wang Bingwen1, Cui Gang1
2008 6 [705-709][Abstract](3996)[pdf 1625KB](3176)
14 Construction of enhanced green fluorescent (EGFP) tagged Hela cell subline
Yang Jun1, Chen Xiaoli1, Su Baoshan1, Wang Yili2, Si Lüsheng2
2008 6 [717-719][Abstract](4554)[pdf 708KB](3165)
15 The selection of surgical approaches for cervical spondylotic
myelopathy and the analysis of the therapeutic effects

Liu J ia1 , He Xijing1 , Zhang Li2 , Li Haopeng1 , Wang Dong1 ,
Xu Siyue1 , Lan Binshang1 , LüHuiru1
2008 5 [573-576][Abstract](3927)[pdf 264KB](3160)
16 Protective effect of EPO on early diabetic rat’s kidney
Ling Li, Zhu Benzhang
2008 6 [659-662][Abstract](5129)[pdf 882KB](3133)
17 VEGF-C expression and lymphangiogenesis in breast cancer
Sheng Wei, Wang Huxia, Wang Guanghui, Fan Lin, Shan Tao
2008 6 [679-682][Abstract](4794)[pdf 855KB](3082)
18 Plasticity of 5-HT receptors in the IBS subgroups of experimental rats
2008 2 [155-159][Abstract](4148)[pdf 651KB](3069)
19 Expressions of p57kip2 and p21cip1 in human
gl ioma and their cl inical signif icance

Yang Tao1 ,2 , Zhang Xi1 , Zhou Le1 , Qu J ianqiang1
2008 5 [562-565][Abstract](4107)[pdf 348KB](3060)
20 Research progress of metagenomics and its technology
Chu Yonglie, Yang E
2008 6 [601-608][Abstract](4702)[pdf 1540KB](3053)
21 Expression of COX-2 and ki-67 in squamous carcinoma of the cervix
2008 2 [219-][Abstract](4552)[pdf 631KB](3034)
22 The present status and prospects of resveratrol for its therapeutic effects on acute pancreatitis
MA Qing-yong, SHA Huan-chen
2009 1 [1-4][Abstract](4538)[pdf 829KB](3007)
23 Analysis of anaemic causes among students of two middle schools
in Guanzhong rural regions of Shaanxi Province

Wang Xiaojuan , Wang Zhenlin , Xiao Shengbin , Zhang J inghua , Lei Yiming
2008 5 [530-534][Abstract](4185)[pdf 303KB](2965)
24 Microvascular injury of femoral head avascular necrosis caused by steroid-induced oxidative stress
QIANG Hui1, WANG Kun-zheng1, GAO Pei-guo2, ZHANG Ming-yu1, SHI Zhi-bin1, YANG Hua-qing1
2009 3 [352-355][Abstract](5460)[pdf 1074KB](2948)
25 Effects of osteoblasts on the formation of osteoclasts in vit ro
Liu Wenjia1 , Wang Xiaogeng1 , Zhou Hong1 , Li Ang2
2008 3 [281-284][Abstract](3647)[pdf 486KB](2948)
26 Expression and significance of toll-like receptor 4 by peripheral blood mononuclear cell in rats with adjuvant-induced arthritis
2008 2 [180-184][Abstract](4623)[pdf 422KB](2946)
27 Correlation of serotonin transporter gene polymorphism with episode, gender, severity and suicidal behavior of depression
Song Yajing1, Zhang Lan2, Yin Hong3, Luo Jianxun3
2008 6 [674-678][Abstract](4747)[pdf 991KB](2918)
28 Rat diffuse axonal injury model constructed
by a new experimental facil ity

Liu Xiaobin1 , Song J inning1 , Chen J inyu1 , Zhang Fenru2 , Liu Shouxun1
2008 5 [595-598][Abstract](4354)[pdf 382KB](2906)
29 Effects of montmorillonite in adsorbing uric acid and decreasing the concentration of uric acid in serum
Li Juntao, Zhang Yinli, Ma Jiequn, Gao Jie, Wang Chunshu, Liu Jing, Cao Yongxiao
2008 6 [647-650][Abstract](4412)[pdf 648KB](2900)
30 Suppression by gallamine triethiodide on the increased afferent discharge from the muscle spindle caused by succinylcholine
Shi Yangrong1, Fan Weizhen2, Fan Xiaoli3
2008 6 [613-616][Abstract](4194)[pdf 657KB](2898)
31 Correlation between skin thermal pain and noxious stimuli
2008 2 [128-133/163][Abstract](3773)[pdf 645KB](2898)
32 Analysis of ORF27 full length sequence of Thai isolated Helicoverpa armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus and prokaryotic expression of truncated ORF27 gene
XUN Meng1, POOMPUTSA Kanokwan2
2010 3 [293-298][Abstract](4818)[pdf 1361KB](2891)
33 Apoptosis mechanism of cultured human hepatocyte HL-7702 induced by glycodeoxycholate
CHUAN Liang-min, HONG Hua, HUANG Wen-fang, YANG Yong-chang, RAO Shao-qin, DENG Jun
2009 1 [36-39][Abstract](4269)[pdf 817KB](2884)
34 Effects of ischemic postconditioning on intestinal mucosa mitochondrion
af ter ischemia2reperfusion injury in rat intestine

Chu Weiwei1 , Wu Buqiang2 , Sha Huanchen3 , Wang Dianhua4
2008 4 [409-411][Abstract](4091)[pdf 383KB](2883)
35 Analysis of multi2system involvement and renal
pathology of primary small2vessel vascul itides

Xie Liyi , Xue Wujun , Tan Feng , Lu Wanhong , LüJ ing , Yin Aiping , Feng Xueliang
2008 4 [437-440][Abstract](3476)[pdf 321KB](2877)
36 Analysis of risk factors in hepatic metastasis of gastric carcinoma
Liu Wei, Wang Zunyi, Bai Xiyong, Lu Zhiliang, Huang Lei, Zhang Wei
2008 6 [702-704][Abstract](4908)[pdf 468KB](2877)
37 Comparative study of three methods of establishing pancreatic carcinoma model in nude mice
LIU Na1,2, YANG Wen-bin1, CAO Gang1, WANG Lei1
2012 3 [300-303][Abstract](3522)[pdf 1184KB](2867)
38 A method with TRIzol? reagent and liquid nitrogen toextract high-quality RNA from rat pancreas
LI Dong-min1,2, REN Wu-chao1,2, WANG Xuan1,2, WANG Fei-miao1,2, GAO Yu1,2, HAN Yan1,2, NING Qi-lan1,2, SONG Tian-bao1,3, Lü She-min1,2
2009 5 [639-642][Abstract](4727)[pdf 801KB](2853)
39 Regulation of AT2 on TNFα, IL-1β and IL-6 synthesis of adult hypertrophic cardiomyocytes induced by pressure overload
2008 1 [25-28/32][Abstract](4735)[pdf 404KB](2827)
40 Fragile histidine triad transcription abnormalities and human papillomavirus16 infection in human cervical carcinoma
2008 2 [185-188/199][Abstract](4569)[pdf 691KB](2827)
41 Expressions of PS2 and platelet activating factor affected
by Jianwei Yuyang Granule on hel icobacterpylori2associated
gastritis and their effect on epithel ial apoptosis

Huang Guodong1 , Huang Yuanhua2 , Huang Daof u2 , Xiao Meizhen2 , Tang Lijun3 , Zhao J un1
2008 4 [468-471][Abstract](4416)[pdf 338KB](2820)
42 Preventive effect of the supplemental dietary boron on bone damage of rats with excess fluoride ingestion
Xu Peng1,2, Yao Jianfeng2, Cai Qiankun2, Zhang Yingang1, Du Xiaoyang1, Guo Xiong1
2008 6 [625-628][Abstract](4203)[pdf 634KB](2806)
43 Unilateral lesion of the nigrostriatal pathway induces an increase of firing rate of nucleus accumbens neurons in the rat
Zhang Qiaojun1, Lin Xuemei1, Liu Jian2, Yang Huili1, Wu Zhongheng1, Liu Xin1
2008 6 [609-612][Abstract](4993)[pdf 701KB](2801)
44 MDA-7/IL-24——A potential new weapon for tumor gene therapy
ZHENG Peng-sheng1,2, GU Ting-ting1
2010 6 [651-658][Abstract](4815)[pdf 1665KB](2800)
45 1H-MRS in frontal lobe and hippocampus of patients with first episode major depression
2008 2 [200-202][Abstract](3867)[pdf 293KB](2798)
46 Acute homodynamic effects of biventricular pacing in SSS patients and its ionic mechanism
2008 2 [137-140][Abstract](3927)[pdf 381KB](2788)
47 Serum TGF-β1, and Col Ⅲ levels in patients with chronic kidney disease after oxymatrine treatment
2008 2 [233-235][Abstract](3657)[pdf 282KB](2776)
48 The effect of aldosterone and spironolactone on the expression of MMP-2 and TIMP-2 mRNA in hepatic steilate cells
2008 2 [164-167/175][Abstract](3892)[pdf 574KB](2771)
49 Effect of ligustrazine on TGF-β1 of patients with bronchial asthma
Yuan Xiaomei
2008 6 [714-716][Abstract](4282)[pdf 455KB](2770)
50 PDTC suppresses cholesterol induced C-reactive protein expression in L-02 cell line
2008 2 [145-147][Abstract](3761)[pdf 277KB](2717)