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  Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University (Medical Sciences)
                             Guide to Authors
  1 General principle
  1.1 Property
Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University (Medical Sciences),an important magazine in medical field ,starts publish in 1937 , ISSN 1671-8259, CN 61-1399/R,A4 cover,bimonthly.This journal is directed by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and edited by the Editorial Board of Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University(Medical Sciences),distributed worldwide. Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University(Medical Sciences) is abstracted and/or indexed in: Chemical Abstracts(America), EMBase/Excerpta Medica(Netherlands), Abstract Journal(Russia), Chinese Science and Technology Paper and Citation Database(China), China National Knowledge Infrastructure(China),CAJ(China), CBMdisc(China) and other important data banks or more than 20 secondary literature banks
  1.2 Contents Contents of this journal are experts review, special subject investigation, articles, investigation reports, clinical reports, research notes and new techniques. Experts review does not normally exceed 4000 words (in Chinese) and articles do not normally exceed 5000. Investigation reports and new techniques shouldn’t be more than 3000 words and clinical reports are limited within 1500 words.
  2 Formats for description of research
  2.1 General standard
Manuscript should be written according to GB7713 of China. Abstract should be according to GB6447 and reference should be according to GB7714 and GB/T 3179.
  2.2 Formats of articles Articles have a title, authors (no more than 8 in total) list, Chinese and English abstract (including Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusion), key words (in Chinese and English), Chinese Library Classification number, text (including introduction of background, materials and methods, results, discussion) and references.
  2.3 Heading arrangement Headings in articles should be arranged as “1”,”1.1”,”1.1.1”, normally no more than 3 grades. The number of paratactic items should be arranged in ①,②,③…….
  2.4 About figures and tables Figures and tables should be less as possible with clear aim. Tables have series number and legends (in Chinese and English), each line in tables have item name. Infrequent abbreviation in tables should be explained in table notes. Three-line table is required. Figures have series number and legends (in Chinese and English) with a short description. The goal is for figures to be comprehensible to readers in other or related disciplines, and to assist their understanding of the paper. Unnecessary figures and parts (panels) of figures should be avoided: data presented in small tables or histograms, for instance, can generally be stated briefly in the text instead. High-resolution figures are necessary (in black and white or colorful). A journal page is 178 mm wide and 245 mm deep, so no figure can be larger than this (the vast majority of figures are much smaller).
  2.5 Measuring Units All units should be from the criteria of GB 3100~3102-93. Some units, such as N, M and %(V/V),%(m/m), have been abandoned.
  2.6 Formats of references References are each numbered, ordered sequentially as they appear in the text, methods, tables, figure legends. When cited in the text, reference numbers are superscript. Authors must use the reference that he read personally. The copies of the first page that author use as reference are required if it were in foreign language. According to GB 7714-87 of China, the type symbol of reference should be added at the end of the title of each reference. These symbol are “[J]”for Journal, “[M]”for monograph, “[D]” for dissertation, “[C]” for corpus, “[N]”for newspaper, “[S]” for standard, “[R]”for report and “[P] ” for patent. “[A]” is for the literature in monograph or corpus. All other types are symbolized by “[Z]”.
  For example:
Journal: “[Number] authors. Title [J]. Journal name, published year, volume (series number): start page number-end page number.” All authors should be included in reference lists unless there are more than three, in which case only the first three authors (comma between names) should be given, followed by "et al.".
Monograph: “[Number] authors. Title [M]. the order in which editions are printed. publishing place: publisher, published year: start page number-end page number.” or “[Number] authors. Title [A]. authors. name of monograph[M]. the order in which editions are printed. city of publication: publisher, published year: start page number-end page number.”
2.7 Biography of the first author
At the foot of first page, biography of the first author should have name(born in ),gender(nationality),the title of technical post,dgree,research field,E-mail.
2.8 Foundation Item
For example:
Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.30200076 ).
3 Notices
3.1 Requirements of contribution
The authors should be responsible for the contents of your contributions. Please provide two copies of your articles, one with name and other anonymous. Detailed information of authors such as address, phone number and E-mail is required.
3.2 Check and approve All contributions will be sent to two professors after first trial. Within 3 months, the author will get response from editor.
3.3 Modification Editors have rights to modify any contribution to fit for publication. Please show your announcement if you disagree with any modification.
3.4 Copyright In order to protect the legal rights and interests of authors, the editorial office and the authors will sign a copyright contract.
3.5 Address Submissions can be mailed to:
      Editorial Board of Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University (Medical Sciences),
      No.76, Yanta Xilu Road,
      Xi'an 710061, China.
      Or E-mail to: yxxuebao@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
      Tel and Fax: 86-29-82655021, 82655412
      Web page: http://yxxb.xjtu.edu.cn/en